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How Science, Technology and 21st Century Medicine Will Impact Culture and Society 

APRIL 26-28, 2018


Dr. Max will be one of the leading journalists moderating an extensive series of panels at the Vatican as a part of the Fourth International Conference, "Unite to Cure: A Global Health Care Initiative." Co-hosted with the Cura Foundation, this nonsectarian and nonpartisan event will bring together doctors, patients, business leaders, philanthropists, and thought leaders to explore how science, technology and 21st-century medicine will impact society. 


Their shared mission is to improve access to health care, increase investment in research and innovation, encourage
multidisciplinary collaboration, and help foster human health
globally.  A significant focus of the panels is the cutting-edge
role of stem cells in the treatment of disease, which is the
subject of Dr Max's latest book, Cells Are the New Cure. The
other panel moderators are Sanjay Gupta, MD, Meghan
McCain, Mehmet Oz, MD, and Meredith Vieira.

Dr. Max Gomez, a CBS Medical Correspondent, Moderator, Master of Ceremonies, and Keynote Speaker with more than 30 years of experience, continues to share his expert health advice! Tune in to CBS Channel 2 News (evenings) for the next segment. ​

Stem For Life Foundation
Dr. Max Gomez, in partnership with Dr. Robin Smith (foreword by Dr. Sanjay Gupta (CNN)) has officially release his latest book! 
Dr. Max Gomez's previous book (2013)
The Healing Cell
How the Greatest Revolution in Medical History is Changing Your Life
  • Master of Ceremonies

  • Moderator ​​

  • Keynote speaker

  • CBS Correspondent 

  • Author, Medical  Contributor

  • Community Leader


Dr. Max's Weekly Health Tip



Getting a good night's rest is extremely important to lead a healthy life. The average adult should get 7-9 hours of sleep a night. 

​You may be thinking..."How do I get seven hours of sleep with work, kids, school etc.?" Well, the good news is that scheduling and organization is a big part of the answer! 


Try to start off by creating a schedule that you and your family can stick you. Regulation of sleep, exercise, and eating, is very important to feeling well and energetic. 


Another tip is to ensure you are comfortable when you're trying to fall asleep. It isn't only about the bed. Other factors such as lighting, temperature, and ambiance have an effect on sleeping as well. Try to keep your room at a level temperature and dim the lights. Your bedroom is where you sleep, so stick to that rule. Avoid watching television, reading, typing on the computer, or doing other stimulating activities in your bed or in your bedroom. It will be easier to fall asleep in your bed if that is what your mind relates the bedroom to. 


Try to create a bedtime ritual. Some ideas may include reading a chapter in your favorite book before going to your bed, take a bath with relaxing scents, or perhaps drink a warm glass of milk or tea. 


However you begin to manage your night's sleep, try to make it consistent so that your body feels well rested and then energetic when you wake up! 


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