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It's a fact that today people absorb information visually. Whether it's on television or a website, video and animation is what grabs people's attention. It's a powerful tool to explain complex topics, especially medical and scientific concepts that most people have trouble understanding.

I have produced numerous videos, ranging from patient education to product  news releases and disease explanations, all in a visually interesting and easily approachable format. With medical devices and pharmaceuticals becoming ever more complex, there is no better way to convey your message than through video.


Video can also help educate patients about procedures and disease management. An informed patient is less anxious, more cooperative and ultimately more likely to understand and follow directions, leading to a healthier patient. Better yet, a well-crafted video can save untold hours of staff time by covering the basic information common to a particular procedure or the management of a medical condition. Video doesn't replace the doctor-patient relationship, it enhances it. Now your patient can ask intelligent, relevant questions after viewing a video. Plus you now know that your patient has received all the important information he or she needs from you or your staff. Truly a win-win situation.


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