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Speeches for medical professionals and the general public. Understand what matters!

Dr. Gomez speaks on a wide range of topics. As a seasoned journalist and guest speaker/lecturer with years of experience, Dr. Gomez crafts his speeches to reach the specific audience and intended message of an event. Prior to all speeches, Dr. Gomez makes sure he is clear on the host's goal, audience expectations and then determines the style of presentation that communicates the message most effectively. 



Are you a university looking for a top medical journalist to speak or guest lecture? Dr. Max is an expert in medical journalism and medical education.

Or, are you part of an organization searching for a knowledgeable health professional to give your community the best tips for staying healthy?

Perhaps you are a national media outlet seeking accurate advice on a recent health topic to offer to your web audience?  Dr. Gomez presents lectures online as well!
Whether it’s Grand Rounds for physicians, Explaining an issue to senior citizens or talking to high school students about careers in science, Dr. Max has done it all... And done it well exceptionally well.


Dr. Gomez's knowledge and expertise covers a wide range. Some of his most popular topics include: 

"It's A Woman's World, Stay Strong, Fit and Sexy!"
"Alzheimer's: A First Hand Account."
"The Care and Feeding of Your Prostate... To Prevent Cancer and Keep Your Sex Life Going."
"The Media and Your Health. Are Your Getting The WholeTruth?"

These topics have been adapted for groups that include health professionals, scientists, students, patient groups, foreign journalists and medical publishers, including Castle Connolly.


"Dr. Max Gomez was flawless in his ability to synthesize the latest research and information into an understandable and humorous presentation."

 -The Mount Sinai Medical Center


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