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Providing continuity to complex panels

March 14, 2012 Genetics and Alzheimer’s Disease: An Evolving Landscape.
March 14, 2012 Genetics and Alzheimer’s Disease: An Evolving Landscape.


As a moderator, it is my role to set the tone, make the panel enjoyable, relax people, and keep them looking forward to what's coming next. A good moderator listens to the discussion to keep the panel moving, makes sure the information is presented at a level the audience can understand and sees that all the important information is covered.

I have moderated many different types of panels, including those for technically trained physicians and caregivers, with all different backgrounds, different egos, and different agendas. It is truly an art form to be a successful moderator and keep all participants focused on what the desired outcome of the event. It is also essential to do this in a diplomatic way so that all panelists feel they’ve had an equal opportunity to present their views.

Whenever I moderate, I handle the task just like pulling a story together, delivering a keynote, or emceeing... I do my homework with you ahead of time. Preparation is key. I want to know who is involved, what the dynamics are and find out why you have gone through the effort to put this panel together and especially what your goal is for the panel. Then during the panel I can keep the participants focused, balanced, and keep the events flowing. It is a role I enjoy playing very much and would love to do for you. So gather your experts together, and let me be the moderator at your next panel.


"You need to keep people entertained. Max did a superb job."

 - Jeff Bauer, ACS Healthcare Services


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